Two Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training Events in Hong Kong – October 2017

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By popular demand, CBT Australia will return in October 2017 to provide Hong Kong’s Health Alliance and Coaching Professionals the unique opportunity to master and consolidate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


There are two CBT training events are on offer.



Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

Dr. Monica O’Kelly & Dr. Dom DiMattia

19 – 22 October 2017

Developed by Dr Monica O’Kelly, this comprehensive and practical 4 day course provides the fundamental framework and foundations of CBT practice.

You will develop a thorough theoretical understanding of cognitive behaviour therapy and the skills specific to this mode of therapy. Suitable for beginners and those looking to refresh their skills. It will cover the following four key areas:

• Introduction to CBT
• CBT with Depression
• CBT with Anxiety
• CBT with Anger

Strong emphasis is placed on learning through doing. Participants are given opportunity to practice their skills, receive individual feedback and observe therapy modeled by trainers.

Award on Completion
– Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
– This course can also be the start of the pathway to becoming a member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy which is associated with the Beck Institute

Continuous Education Points 

  • The Certificate in CBT  is approved as a CE activity for the Hong Kong Psychological Society’s DCP members as an “attendance only” activity. Members who attend this workshop may accrue a maximum of 6 CE points


  • The fee is HK$16,995 per participant.
  • Early bird is HK$16,200 per participant (now until 31st of August).




Discounts: Members of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong receive an exclusive 5% off the Certificate in CBT fees.



To register for this event please download and email completed application form to

**To ensure low supervisor to participant ratio places in the Certificate of CBT are limited to 20.

Click here to access brochure and application form

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Please note that due to PayPal charges, the Early Bird discounted rates are not valid for the Certificate in CBT on Eventbrite.  If you wish to enjoy discounts, please pay via cheque or electronic transfer.


CBT in Action – Dr. Monica O’Kelly

18th of October

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a school of psychological therapies based on the premise that it is not what happens that causes how we feel but how we think about what happens. While this is a simple concept to understand it is not always simple to put the theory into practice. With a strong empirical base, CBT is becoming one of the most effective psychological interventions now in use. It has been shown to be useful in coaching contexts with a current ground swell in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)

Based on the approaches of Beck and Ellis, this workshop bridges the gap between theory and practice focussing on developing CBT skills. After outlining the underlying theory, the workshop will focus on putting CBT into action with clients.  Participants will be taken through the steps in the CBT sequence with live and video demonstrations before the participants practice the skills. There will be time for questions to clarify and process the learning of skill.

At completion, participants will walk away with knowledge and tools that will enable them to integrate CBT into their practices.

Workshop Outline

  • The ABC Model; Identifying Activiting Events (B), Identifying Beliefs (B), Identifying Consequences (C)
  • Skills Practice of A-B-C Connections
  • Learning the Importance of B-C Connections
  • Skills Practice in Helping the Client to understand the importance of the B-C
  • Skills practice in re-evaluating and challenging beliefs and thoughts
  • Learning how to incorporate cognitive change into the overall therapy
  • Facilitating meaningful change through collaborative homework creation

Who can Join?

The CBT in Action workshop is designed for those in the helping professions including Executive or Life Coaches, Psychologists or Counsellors wishing to understand how the cognitive model of CBT can be integrated into shorter term, client focussed and goal oriented practices but are not in a position to invest in a four day certificate.

It is also suitable for those with CBT experience who feel they may have become stale in their practice would benefit from a refresher.

Award on Completion

– Certificate of Attendance

Continuous Education Points 



Approved for ICF Continuing Coach Education Units – 6.6



The CBT in Action Workshop is an approved CE activity for the Hong Kong Psychological Society’s DCP members. Members who attend this workshop may accrue a maximum of 6 CE points.


  • The fee is HK$5,500 per participant.
  • Early bird is HK$4,900 per participant (now until 31st of August).
  • Group rate is HK$4,200 per participants (for three people from the same team, organisation or association who apply and pay together).


Members of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong receive 20% off the CBT in Action fees

ICF Members receive 20% off CBT in Action fees



To register for this event please download and email completed application form to with a request for payment details.

Click here to access brochure and application form

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Due to PayPal Fees the Member Discounts are not valid via Eventbrite for the CBT in Action workshop. To enjoy Discounts please pay via cheque or electronic transfer.




To enquire CBT Australia’s training offerings in Hong Kong please contact Karen Gotthelf on 94747581 or email