At the heart of Pathways’ coaching programs, is the belief that in order to make sustainable change, it is pivotal to go deep ‘beyond the surface’, taking into consideration the intricate interplay between a person’s mindset, emotions, behaviours and unique situation.


Coaching programs are tailored to the needs of an individual, business and/or organisations and can enable clients to:

  • Develop greater self awareness and interpersonal understanding
  • Define a sense of purpose
  • Clarify values and a true north
  • Discern and unlearn self limiting assumptions and bias
  • Test out new approaches and possibilities
  • Develop psychological flexibility
  • Discern self limiting assumptions and/or unconscious bias
  • Explore and test out new possibilities
  • Enhance emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Boost confidence and stress resilience


A phased approach that clearly defines the coaching relationship to all parties

Prior to commencing a coaching assignment, we seek to define various elements of a coaching relationship including what the clients wants to achieve (or what success looks like), the current state of affairs (the reality including strengths and gaps) and gain consensus from all parties involved about the direction being taken including goals and objectives of a program.

Coaching is arranged for a predetermined period and intervals enabling clients to apply and practice learnings and techniques in their work environment.

The success of coaching is best assessed by stakeholder feedback and degree of behavioural change over the course of a coaching engagement.


Programs are designed in consultation with individuals and organisation to include the following elements: