Karen partners with professionals and leaders who aspire to optimise performance, interpersonal relationships and leadership potential.

Coaching contracts are tailored to suit the needs of individuals but typically involves the following components:

  • Chemistry meeting to establish rapport, discuss issues and goals and determine the best way of working together
  • Kick off meeting and development planning – an assessment if the current state using existing feedback, performance data, psychometrics including personality or 360 data (if available) and identification of clear and tangible coaching goals
  • Coaching is arranged for a predetermined period and intervals (typically 6 coaching meetings) – Coaching meetings enable clients to participate in structured and focussed conversations aimed at shaping goals, enhancing insight/self awareness and exploring new ways of thinking and behaving.

As a registered Psychologist  Karen brings over 15 years involved in the design and execution of assessment processes to inform numerous selection and leadership development programmes across industry.

Individual assessment processes can be incorporated into a coaching programme at an additional charge. This can include verbal or online 360 feedback processes, personality assessment or behavioural observation.  Information from assessment processes can certainly deepen the level of insight and enhance coaching outcomes.

The success of coaching is best assessed by stakeholder feedback and degree of behavioural change over the course of a coaching engagement


Why do clients engage in Coaching?

Karen has worked with professional and leaders who present a variety of strengths and development areas. Some coaching goals have included:

  • Increase leadership presence and visibility
  • Identify and work on leadership and professional derailers
  • Develop stronger influencing and communication skills
  • To become more assertive
  • To be more decisive
  • To stop avoiding conflict
  • To increase confidence
  • Better manage their own and others ’emotions
  • Build a greater self and interpersonal awareness
  • To define a new direction and sense of purpose
  • Values clarification
  • To discern and unlearn self limiting assumptions and bias
  • To test out new approaches and possibilities
  • Enhance emotional intelligence (EQ)

How do clients get started?

To learn more about coaching programmes with Karen please phone 94747581.

To see Karen’s biography visit http://www.pathwayslimited.com/expertise/

A phased approach that clearly defines the coaching relationship to all parties

Programs are designed in consultation with individuals and organisation to include the following elements: