The upside of stress may be that adrenaline kick, and when we are ambitious it can feel like just the right thing for us. But stress can have costly and dangerous downsides.

The complex pressures of today’s business climate can place such demands and strains on us that even the tough and talented fall under the destructive forces of stress.
When we burn out, stress affects our physical health, psychological well being and how we behave.


Common symptoms of stress




StressAce solves the problem of stress

StressAce is a structured stress management program that combines talking therapy and physical movements to activate neurophysiological and psychological brain development in people of all ages.  StressAce develops resilience by rewiring the brain to operate at a more mature level.

StressAce naturally develops resilience by rewiring the brain to operate at a more mature level.

When the brain becomes more mature, we are naturally resilient and it is easier to bounce back during times of stress. We feel less reactive and more able to draw upon logic and reason.

When you attend the StressAce program you will experience immediate relief from stress, heightened self awareness and a natural ability to control your emotions. You will also have the opportunity to openly and confidentially talk about your circumstances and concerns.

Joe felt completely overwhelmed. He had been running his travel agency for three years when he unexpectedly experienced massive growth in the business. From employing three staff, he now managed thirty. This growth demanded more organisational skills than he previously required. The pressure of learning diverse new skills, growing his business and employing a large number of staff did not match how he had envisaged himself.

He suddenly found himself drinking too much and flying off the handle at work and at home.
He desperately needed to make the necessary adjustments in himself to cope with his new success. He attended the StressAce program to develop his resilience.

After three sessions, he felt in control of himself again and experienced greater clarity of thought: ‘My brain felt like scrambled eggs before, but now I have complete clarity.’

StressAce matured his brain with physical movements that improved the connection between his left and right brain.This meant his left brain could better calm down the stress emotions generated by his right brain. This enabled him to cope better with the daily challenges of running a business.

With a more mature brain he could take the necessary actions to expand his business and take it to the next level.


StressAce can help with:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Difficulties saying ‘no’ and being assertive
  • Enhancing motivation and job satisfaction
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Conquering fear of failure
  • Anger and mood management
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Achieving your highest goals

How can I book in for the StressAceProgramme?

Please contact Karen Gotthelf on 852 94747581 (Hong Kong).

What is the StressAce program?

StressAce is a Stress Management Program that builds maturity in the brain to improve natural resilience within 12 sessions. It is available from introductory to advanced levels.

How can I find out more about StressAce?

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