Next intake of Science of the Art of Coaching (SAC-XII). Scheduled for Singapore 2020

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Deepen your knowledge from applied neuroscience to enhance coaching and leadership outcomes.

Dr. Paul Brown’s unique 9-month programme ‘Science of the Art of Coaching’ is scheduled to commence May 7th, 2020 in Singapore.


This next intake will be the fifth SAC programme to be offered from Singapore, with four cohorts having completed the programme from London, one in Ireland, and a second cohort close to completion in Hong Kong.


SAC was originally designed for experienced Executive Coaches interested in deepening their knowledge of applied neuroscience and its application for coaching.  Over the years, Alumni have also included a variety of professionals interested in acquiring foundational knowledge about the brain to incorporate into coaching and/or organisational development initiatives, including Talent Leaders, HR Leaders, L&D Professionals, and Organisational Consultants.




Over 9-months, Dr. Paul Brown equips participants with:

  • Working knowledge about the brain and how it controls behaviour through the regulation and integration of its cognitive and emotional mechanisms.
  • Application of that knowledge in the context of executive coaching and in the development of the Coach’s repertoire of available skills and knowledge.
  • Understanding how to enquire into the biographical bases of current life behaviour and being able to work out how patterns formed from earlier experience go on resonating throughout adult life, and especially at work.
  • Beginning to understand the brain as both the organ of relationship and as the central controller of the way energy is applied to everything in life, including but not limited to executive performance.



  Four blocks    of 2-day    face-to-face teaching events facilitated by      Dr. Paul Brown, a world leader in developing the use of applied neuroscience in organisations.  Consolidate   learnings with monthly webinars using case material for discussion from a brain-based point of view.   Brings       knowledge to life with ample opportunity for practice, debriefs and group supervision.   Smaller groups    with a cross-section of professionals (e.g. Executive Coaches, HR/Talent Leaders and Clinicians), enabling a rich exchange of perspective, collaboration and forming of networks/relationships.




Front loaded with knowledge about the brain, the Science of the Art of Coaching rapidly becomes experiential and ends with tackling some of the more difficult stress-related circumstances of the senior executive life






Faculty Professor, Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland; External Advisor, International Energy & Research Centre, the Tyndall National Institute, University of Cork and International Chairman of the Vietnam Consulting Group, Ho Chi Minh city.


A Clinical and Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach and Supervisor, Paul’s main focus is in creating a General Theory of the Individual and the Organisation based upon mapping how energy flows or gets blocked in the pursuit of profit or other outcomes within the organisational system.


He has recently co-authored several books that provide insights from neuroscience for organisations:

  • The Fear-Free Organisation (2015) Kogan Page
  • Neuroscience for Leadership: harnessing the brain gain advantage (2015) Palgrave Macmillan
  • Neuropsychology for Coaches: understanding the basics (2012) McGraw-Hill/Open University Press
  • A book appearing later this year, All the Brains in the Business, explores why even now when women are in the E-suite in their own right, organisations still require them to be the best men they can be; and what the great and added value of releasing feminine energy into the organisation would be.


Paul lives in Laos after spending some years in Vietnam, and consults and teaches across Asia, Europe, and America. In 2014/15 he created a world-first, distance-learning Masters program in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations. Originally based at London’s Middlesex University it is now in the process of relocating, of which full details will shortly be available.



  • Aspirational and Experienced Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Human Resource and Talent Leaders
  • OD and Learning & Development Professional
  • Business Leaders or CEOs
  • Talent & leadership development experts and senior HR and business leaders.




  • Session One: 7 and 8 of May 2020
  • Session Two:  25 and 26 of June 2020
  • Session Three:  17 & 18 September 2020
  • Session Four:  26 and 27 November 2020





Endorsed by the Association for Coaching and Certificates with 78 CPD points are awarded on successful completion


ICF Coach Continuous Education activity:


  • 41.5 Core Competency
  • 25.75 Resource Development


*Application for renewal of ICF CCE accreditation will be undertaken for 2019/2020





Dr. Louise Kovacs, Managing Director, Madston Black


“The applied neuroscience for coaching programme was extremely valuable to me as an executive coach. The course has provided me with an understanding of the brain, how early life experiences shape the person as an adult, and how this influences how we lead, influence and relate to others. The programme also provided an understanding of emotions and stress along with the core capabilities for applying the theory to coaching. Overall the course has provided me with a sound grasp of the neuroscience principles on which to base my work with clients.”



Saba Hasanie, Managing Director, Oasis Strategy Consulting


“Dr. Paul Brown’s SAC program is by far the richest, most informative coaching related program I have attended in my professional career. Developed with the most advanced research on neurosciences and facilitated by one of the most brilliant minds in psychotherapy and coaching today. The insights gained on this program have not only made me a more effective coach, but have fundamentally changed my perspectives on human behaviour. A must attend for any professional wanting to better understand how applied neurosciences are changing the way we deal with both people and organizations.”



Imogen Maresch, Founder of Presence of Mind Pte Ltd


“The Science of the Art of Coaching programme has proven to be one of the most important interventions of my career. Dr. Paul Brown’s expertise in the field provides a depth of content and reflection that is supported by strong scientific rigour. The models learnt through the course have become a staple part of my coaching approach (and have helped in other settings too!). In particular, the programme has provided me with a sound understanding of how the brain works and, specifically, how to use this knowledge to support leaders in accessing, understanding and leveraging their experiences to create flow at work.”




The programme fee is $6,980.00 per participant including four blocks of face-to-face teaching dates, monthly webinars, and all materials.


  • Super Early Bird:  $6,480.00  (Until the 15th of January 2020)
  • Early Bird:  $6,780.00  (Until the 30th of March 2020)
  • Group Rates:  $6,280.00  (For three or more people that register and pay together)
  • Overseas concessional rates available for people who attend the programme and based outside of Singapore.


ICF and Association for Coaching Members receive 10% off fees




Registrations will open December 2019