Pathways endorses the use of psychometric assessments as an additional source of evidence to inform individual or organisational human resource interventions. We seek to educate stakeholders on the proper and ethical use of psychometric assessments. We add value by providing impartial expert opinion and advise on a number of reliable and validated measures available in the market. While we prefer some well-recognised assessment products, we are not aligned with any supplier and seek to understand our clients’ needs in order to determine the most appropriate assessment solution.


Psychometric Appraisal Services – Recruitment and Development


Psychometric appraisals are best utilised to support decision making in recruitment and wider human resource interventions such as training, leadership development, or team building. The use of objective, reliable and valid psychometric measures add value by reducing subjectivity and bias in decision-making processes. Information provides clients with further insight into a person’s characteristics, leadership or team style and serves to ensure that people who are employed by an organisation fit in with the corporate culture.


Pathways Limited has access to psychometric measures from a variety of publishing houses and distributors. Products including but not limited to Talent Q, Hogan, MSCEIT, SPQ*Gold, Lumina Spark etc


Types of Measures Available


Below is an outline of the type of measures available, what they assess and information provided.


The fit between a person’s inherent personality preference and position requirements, corporate and environment culture.

  • Interpersonal Style, Analytic Preferences, Drivers and Emotions
  • Team Style
  • Leadership Style

Aptitude to learn and adapt to a variety of intellectual challenges in the role.

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Ability to recognize, manage and make decisions with emotional information in the workplace.

  • Recognising Emotions
  • Using Emotions
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Managing Emotions

Motivation and confidence to prospect or sell service to clients.

  • Selling Style
  • Sales Call Reluctance


Our Approach to Partner with clients to provide Psychometric Appraisal Services for Recruitment or Development Processes




For more details about psychometric measures and how they can be used for recruitment or development please contact Karen on 94747581 or email