OUR NEXT SAC ALUMNI GATHERING | Wednesday the 27th of November in SINGAPORE


An opportunity to ‘meet and mingle’ with Dr. Paul Brown, SAC Alumni and friends …familiar and new! 

In line with tradition, the aim is to hold a space to gather, make new connections, exchange ideas and learn together… This time, with two fascinating guest speakers, who will share their personal stories, knowledge, and insights on the topics of epigenetics and corporate wellness.  


TIME: 3:00pm to 5:30pm

Venue: Hosted by SC Ventures, L17 Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 1


An optional supper will be arranged for those who wish to continue to share a meal afterwards.



Please confirm attendance at your earliest convenience or by the 31st of October to Karen – karen@pathwayslimited.com 





A Personal Story: Epigenetics and Wellness

Delphine Supanya


The body is an extraordinary self-healing system, which modern medicine and big pharma do not consider when treating symptoms that afflict the body and psyche. Epigenetics tells us that the way we see the world has a profound impact on the way our DNA instructs our body to function through the RNA, as You are the Placebo has shown. This presentation is designed to start a discussion between us, arising from my own experience of mobilising the healing capacities of the body in restoring myself fully to health after a life-changing neurological event: and how I now have left the law in favour of bringing that knowledge to others.

Delphine Supanya is a Facilitator, Mental Health Consultant who started as a Lawyer in Magic Circle and Big Law firms. Using her corporate background and personal experience of high-stress environments, she founded Well to Work to address the worldwide epidemic of stress and its fatalities in the workplace.



True North Alignment – How to Stand in Your Power

Natasha Benson



The theme of Natasha’s presentation is ‘disrupt the drift’, in which she will impart knowledge and provide an opportunity for experiential practice across three tenets of energy flow.

Physical – As an access to vitality, power and freedom
Meditation – As an access to getting present and awakening
Inquiry – As an access to discovery and new possibility

Natasha is a certified Baptiste Yoga methodology teacher and the founder of AlphaBalance Wellness. Natasha is also the COO of a FinTech Start-up and spent 20yrs within Investment Banking. She has a strong belief that changing energy systems and using the methodology of Baptiste Yoga in a Corporate setting is the key to empowerment, diversification and innovation.


We look forward to seeing you all