The Science of the Art of Coaching programme holds as a central tenet that, through applied neuroscience, coaching as a profession has an opportunity, over the next decade, to occupy the high ground in organisations with regard to an understanding of why and how human beings can give of their best: and to be instrumental in making that best apparent.

Designed and facilitated by Dr. Paul Brown, a world leader in developing the use of applied neuroscience in organisations, the SAC syllabus offers participants the opportunity to explore:

  • How the brain works;
  • How energy is created and directed towards achieving coaching goals;
  • The emotional bases of motivation;
  • How the interpersonal neurobiology of the coaching encounter can be managed in pursuit of coaching goals;
  • The neurobiological bases of stress and how stress can be managed epigenetically through perceptual shifts and awareness.



The Science of the Art of Coaching programme was originally designed for experienced coaches. However, previous cohorts have included HR and talent professionals, psychologists, senior leaders and CEOs with a special interest in applying knowledge from the fields of coaching and neuroscience to enhance coaching outcomes and/or build a coaching culture in their organisations.

Attendance does not require a specific background in the biological sciences and/or psychology. Thus, a lack of biological sciences and/or psychology background is not in any way a barrier to full participation. Seven years of experience in delivering the programme have shown that for people who have a relevant scientific background, the programme both re-frames and focuses (as well as updates) their knowledge for its value in an applied and coaching context.

With SAC having been run four times in London, once in Ireland, twice in Hong Kong and a fourth intake currently at the midpoint of a programme in Singapore, there are now over 150 SAC alumni spread across various parts of the globe.




The Science of the Art of Coaching was originally designed to be delivered as a blended learning programme incorporating:

  • Four blocks of 2-day face-to-face teaching events
  • Monthly webinars spread over a 9-month period using case material for discussion from a brain-based point of view, a masterclass and clinic focussed discussions.


Due to an increasing curiosity and interest in the topics of applied neuroscience and coaching, Dr. Paul Brown’s teachings from the Science of the Art of Coaching programme have been customised into alternative formats, which makes them more accessible to a wider audience. Please see below for further information.


A unique and comprehensive blended learning programme designed for executive coaches, HR/talent leaders or other professionals wishing to deepen their practical understanding of how the brain works in order to enhance coaching and organisational outcomes.

Front-loaded with knowledge about the brain, the programme rapidly brings learnings to life with experiential coaching skills practice, debriefs and group supervision. This programme is offered annually and open for public registration.

A 2-day face-to-face workshop that provides the opportunity to deepen your practical understanding of how the brain works and what the implications of that are in a coaching context for individual development, leadership, and organisational behaviour in general.

This workshop is an introduction to the beginnings of a process of continuing professional development in the area of applied neuroscience; suitable for public groups, corporate and leadership development events.ent information

Dr. Brown’s teachings in applied neuroscience of coaching and organisations can now be accessed across the globe as an online (distance learning) programme – suitable for corporate/professional association groups or organisations wishing to provide continuous education to coaches or employees spread across various locations/timezones.

Visit the following page to learn more:

Science of the Art of Coaching – online


Visit here for more details on events and news





Faculty Professor, Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland; External Advisor, International Energy & Research Centre, the Tyndall National Institute, University of Cork and International Chairman of the Vietnam Consulting Group, Ho Chi Minh city.


A Clinical and Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach and Supervisor, Paul’s main focus is on creating a General Theory of the Individual and the Organisation based upon mapping how energy flows or gets blocked in the pursuit of profit or other outcomes within the organisational system.


He has recently co-authored several books that provide insights from neuroscience for organisations:

  • The Fear-Free Organisation (2015) Kogan Page
  • Neuroscience for Leadership: harnessing the brain gain advantage (2015) Palgrave Macmillan
  • Neuropsychology for Coaches: understanding the basics (2012) McGraw-Hill/Open University Press
  • A book appearing later this year, All the Brains in the Business, explores why even now when women are in the E-suite in their own right, organisations still require them to be the best men they can be; and what the great and added value of releasing feminine energy into the organisation would be.


Paul lives in Laos after spending some years in Vietnam, and consults and teaches in SE Asia, Europe and America. In 2014/15 he created a world-first distance-learning Masters program in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations.  Originally based at London’s Middlesex University it is now in the process of relocating, of which full details will shortly be available.