“Karen helped me take my career in a new direction. She gave me the confidence to try a new approach within my company that led me to project manage a high profile activity that typically would not have come my way. This activity stretched me in more ways than one – professionally and personally – and as I worked my way through, I was able to build a new reputation for myself, learn new skills and circulate in a new crowd of people both within my firm and externally. It also opened up a new opportunity that allowed me to stay with my employer rather than change employers.

Karen is an effective facilitator that enabled me to look beyond my traditional remit and take new steps. She helped me see the bigger picture, analyse my behavior, challenged my thinking and provided me with perspectives. I know that without Karen’s encouragement and support, I would never have taken the steps that helped me grow as an individual as well as broadened my CV.”

Nadia Stoyle, Previously Director of Corporate Affairs, Thomson Reuters

“When deciding where to take my career, Karen has helped me to analyse my natural strengths and how they fit with different job profiles. This reality check, coupled with valuable insights into resilience and emotional intelligence, has helped to make a successful career move still while working with Karen.”

Hannfried Von Hindenburg, Senior Vice President Global Communications Elsevier