We Welcome You to ‘PAUSE…RESET OR PIVOT?’

More than ever, people are asking ‘what next?’. Change and uncertainty are upon humanity at an unprecedented scale, with perceived safety, job security and our collective sense of agency to control imminent or longer-term plans abruptly disrupted by a sudden halt in travel, social distancing, economic downturn and widespread freezes and job cuts across multiple industries. Commonly cited words currently describing people’s perception and sentiment have included ‘surreal’, ‘challenging’, ‘shifted reality’ ‘the new normal’. As a board game, the impact of COVID-19 simulates a twisted combination of ‘the game of life’ and rough tumble of ‘existential dominos’.

Some of the lessons learnt so far…letting go of assumptions, never taking anything for granted, the immense value of human to human connection and an awareness that even when least expected, the status quo may no longer be viable or accessible. The good news, however, is that despite the intensity of turbulence that life may bring, humans have an inherent capacity to adapt, invent, support one and other, and identify ways to survive.

In response to recent requests for support to assist navigate uncertainty, job loss or involuntary change, we welcome you to ‘PAUSE…RESET OR PIVOT?’, our blog with educational, fun and useful resources to help with self-awareness, wellbeing and readiness to take the next step during times of transition.

We invite you to view and share our posts, if you, your loved ones, peers or clients:

  • Would value insights and helpful tactics to assist with self-care and motivation
  • Feel insecure about employment status and would like to proactively start searching for an alternative job
  • Aspire to make a pivotal shift in life or career direction but are feeling stuck or don’t know where to start
  • Seek practical resources, tips and worksheets to optimise preparation, confidence and performance during job search events

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback, suggestions for content/topics.

We look forward to keeping you updated with plenty of insights, tips and useful information.

Karen Gotthelf and Dawn Chan


Karen Gotthelf

Karen is a Registered Psychologist and accredited Coach with over 17 years spanning across recruitment, design of selection methodology, emerging leader and executive development, individual career transition and working as a Counselling Practitioner at EAP/Medical settings.

Supporting her anecdotal expertise across corporate and clinical settings, is a passion for academic literature and research that has informed knowledge related to the psychological consequences of unemployment, wellbeing during the transition and economic downturn, job search behaviours, personality at work, career development, and the biological basis of human behaviour.

Karen balances looking after her two young boys under seven and a 12 kg cat with:

  • Providing coaching services to individuals seeking support during career uncertainty, job loss or who are curious to try something new, but are feeling ‘stuck’ and don’t know where to start
  • Helping leaders thrive and bring the best out of themselves and others during more volatile, changing and uncertain times
  • Partnering as an Affiliate Consultant on talent development and selection projects
  • Providing employee assistance and counselling support to people experiencing distress
  • Ongoing professional development including completion of a Masters in Counselling at Monash University while looking forward to commencing a Professional Doctorate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck in 2021

Over the years, she has had to let go of a need to always get things right and come to terms with the reality that there will never be enough ’time’…but will always enjoy quality caffeine and eat too much dark chocolate.

She has however learnt to appreciate the value of sleeping more, being present and having a conversation (rather than emailing) wherever possible.

Dawn Chan

Dawn is a PhD student in Industrial-Organisational Psychology and once creative professional with ten years’ experience in the hustling and bustling world of fashion and publishing. Deciding on a new life direction, she took a leap of faith and adopted the new challenge of becoming a professional psychologist – though she doubts the artist in her will ever go away.

When Dawn isn’t in the zone with readings, final projects, and her dissertation, she works at Pathways Limited – since 2018. Within the past 2 years, she has shared numerous cups of caffeine with Karen while assisting with the research, development, branding and marketing of career partner services. During this time, Dawn also had the opportunity to learn from well-experienced psychologists and coaches and earned herself a professional certificate in Neurobehavioural Modelling in the Science of the Art of Coaching.

Besides growing up a foodie, design buff, and all-around film junkie, Dawn also juggled between cultures. Therefore, she knows the importance of balance and values a life that leads to happiness and general wellbeing. In today’s hectic society, where days are spent mostly in the workplace and achieving a sense of wellbeing has become increasingly difficult, Dawn strives to help both herself and other people lead happy and healthy lives. As such, Dawn likes to bring all her worlds together, in both research and applied work, and specialise in areas of creativity, culture, wellbeing, and personality at work. All the while living by the mantra: “Consider who you are today and decide who you want to be tomorrow. Getting from one point to the other will be the adventure of your life”.