What Factors Drive Your Career Success? – A simple framework to empower how you position yourself for the next opportunity.

So what makes you successful at what you do? Whether you identify as an executive, people manager, individual contributor, professional/specialist or self-employed, could you clearly articulate what factors underpin your capacity to drive, create or deliver outcomes? 

If an industry peer, head-hunter or hiring manager asked you to describe what capabilities or qualities make you successful, what would you say?

How would you describe your point of difference or the value you potentially bring an employer, business venture or partnership?

This simple but powerful exercise invites you to pause…and take a moment to think through and identify what factors have underpinned your success and reputation throughout your career journey so far.

By documenting your career success factors, you are objectifying your strengths and at the same time producing a useful framework to empower how you position yourself for the next opportunity.

Your Career Success Factors may serve to inform the:

Identification of Your Career Success Factors: Let’s Get Started

The Career Success Factors diagram below includes guided questions that invite you to reflect, identify and document your core strengths in four areas:

Experience – professional, industry, or roles
Knowledge – functional, technical, or specialised
Capabilities and behaviours
Personality traits/qualities, drivers, and values

Before you begin, take some time to consider the following:

CAREER SUCCESS FACTORS  | Guided Questions © 2020 Pathways Limited

It is important to remember that your Career Success Factors may include strengths that you:

  • Intentionally sought out to develop and strengthen due to your own career development goals, intrinsic interests, or passion
  • Acquired in response to how your role or position has evolved
  • Adapted in order to meet the needs (or survive) in response to shifts in the broader organisational context, environment and global market conditions

Download a complimentary TEMPLATE that provides guided questions that inspire you to identify your Career Success Factors, CLICK HERE

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