Assisting individuals to make well-informed, values-based and purposeful career decisions


Pathways Limited offers an adaptive career transition programme designed to match each client’s needs, circumstance and priorities.  

Career transition and coaching services are customised for individuals and/or organisations and tailored to incorporate some or all of the components illustrated in the Pathways Limited Career Transition Roadmap diagram below.

While there is a strong commitment to providing clients with the option of an end to end service, the journey itself is shaped by a person’s unique goals, needs, timelines and priorities.      

We generally recommend clients to contract to 6 to 15 sessions.



Who Can Benefit?

Executives and Professionals contemplating a change of job, transferring to a new industry or who aspire to make a pivotal change in their career direction.



Self-Assessment and Coaching Services

Engage in a deep dive and reflective conversation about your ‘career story’ that aims to identify key themes, drivers and adaptive patterns.
Explore and tease out your goals and objectives, to ensure continued focus on areas that are of importance and value.
Gain insight and identify your career identity, drivers, core values and value proposition.
Re-evaluate your shorter and longer-term career direction and plan.
Be proactive to change direction and/or take the necessary steps to make a change.
Identify and let go of self-limiting self-talk, biases and assumptions that may be holding you back.
Assist in the development of a value proposition.
Boost confidence in your capacity to search and identify a new direction or employer.



Market Readiness and Job Search Skills Coaching

  • Resume consulting and advisory services – the creation of functional, transferable and strength-based resumes
  • Social media and LinkedIn presence
  • Navigation of the recruitment market
  • Interview skills coaching 


Services provide…



  • Uncover your strengths, interests and  passions
  • What gets you out of bed and inspires your most?
  • What is important to you? What do you stand for and value?
  • What is your personality, team or leadership style (optional)?
  • Identify your preferences around the work environment, culture and job demands
  • Define your career strategy
  • Set short and longer-term goals
  • Understand what makes you unique
  • Develop your value proposition


  • Collaborative and goal focussed conversations to challenge your thinking, inspire action, explore alternatives
  • Enhance confidence and preparedness to re-enter the market or change direction.
  • Interview Skills Coaching
  • Resume Consultation and Advisory Services




Pathways Limited’s Career Change and Transition RoadMap: An Adaptive Programme Tailored to Suit the Needs and Priorities of Individual Clients



Who Will You Work With?

Services are provided by Karen Gotthelf who brings postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Psychology and extensive experience partnering with individuals who seek support and coaching during times of career transition.

Karen’s expertise at the nexus of organisational consulting, recruitment, counselling and coaching provides a strong profile to effectively partner with clients who have recently experienced job loss, want to make a transition or proactively change career direction. Her career change and transition services can include three elements:

  • Psychological support to bounce forward, manage wellbeing and build emotional as well as mental resilience;
  • Self-discovery: Deep dive coaching conversations and assessment to uncover your strengths, interests, passions, values and delineate a career strategy and plan;
  • Pragmatic skills-based coaching: Define your Career Success Factors, create a value proposition, produce a competency-based resume and refine your interviewing skills.


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To enquire or book your first session please contact Karen Gotthelf on (852) 9474-7581 or email