Pathways Limited offers organisations bespoke and adaptive employee support and transition services aimed at assisting individual clients at three levels:

1.   Counselling and support to provide a safe space to talk about their emotions, feelings and concerns and access resources or tools to best manage their emotional health, wellbeing and mental resilience during this time of change.
2.   Self-assessment and coaching for self-discovery and delineation of a new direction and career plan informed by insight and awareness of values, motivators, interests and broader family and lifestyle needs.
3.   Coaching and pragmatic support that offers resources, tools and confidence to take the next steps in their career – can include the definition of Career Success Factors, devising of a value proposition, revision or creation of a transferable resume, social media presence, networking with recruiters and employers and interviewing skills.


Pathways Limited’s Career Transition Roadmap is adaptive and can be travelled in any direction – please see diagram below

We provide sponsoring organisation with the opportunity to offer employees an end-to-end service, however, tailor every individual’s journey to best meet their needs, circumstance and priorities. The key premise underpinning our programme’s adaptive model is a recognition that people’s reaction to redundancy and their experience of job loss will vary depending on some of the following:

  • Their own life experience
  • Socio-economic circumstance
  • Perceived support network
  • What working and being employed means to them
  • Attachment to a corporate brand/community
  • Self-concept/identity
  • Perception of their own value to the market
  • Level of experience and confidence changing jobs and marketing themselves to new employers
  • Perceptions of the employment market / external unemployment rates


*** The starting point and scope of each programme will be tailored to align with each departing employee’s/client’s unique needs and circumstance, as evaluated and agreed upon during an intake session.


Who Can Benefit?


Provide employees or teams with the necessary support to best manage their mental health and wellbeing after a redundancy event 
Provide employees with access and opportunity for job readiness coaching, resources and tools identify a new career path and/or re-enter the workforce after redundancy.
Provide support services including counselling and education sessions for employees who will remain at the organisation but may also be impacted by the perceived instability of the market and company, feel less secure about their position and future or required to adapt to changes in their own roles, working relationships and day to day structure.



A safe and confidential space to talk to share thoughts, feelings, emotions (fear/anger) and talk through any concerns/worries.
Manage emotional health and wellbeing during times of change and uncertainty through increased awareness of helpful and less helpful emotional, thinking and behavioural patterns.
Proactively re-evaluate short and longer-term career choices through speaking with a professional who brings expertise in career/professional development and coaching.
Boost confidence and preparedness to re-enter the employment market with a clear value proposition, revised and marketable resume, develop a social media presence and readiness to interview effectively with potential employers.
Identify and let go of self-limiting self-talk, biases and assumptions that may consciously or unconsciously impact on life choices and decisions.
Clarity on goals and objectives, to ensure continued focus on areas that are of importance and align with core values.
Tools re-enter the employment market with greater confidence (refining and tailoring competency-based and transferable resumes, job search skills, interview skills coaching, etc).
Ensure career decisions and plans are informed by insight into shorter and longer-term goals, work drivers/motivators, values, personality preferences and interests /passions.


Pathways Limited’s Career Transition RoadMap: An adaptive programme tailored to suit the needs and priorities of individual clients


Programme Design and Management

All services would be overseen and delivered by Karen Gotthelf, registered Psychologist in Australia and Hong Kong and accredited Coach, who brings over 12 years’ experience consulting and supporting a diversity of people including technical professionals, middle management, executives across financial services, technology, airline and retail industries who are either at:

1.   A pivotal stage in their career and proactively considering a change of employer or direction, or
2.   Facing involuntary transition due to a redundancy event

Karen brings postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Psychology and extensive experience working across corporate and medical settings across Australia and Hong Kong.  Karen’s expertise at the nexus of organisational consulting, recruitment, counselling and coaching provides a strong profile to effectively partner with clients who have recently experienced job loss, would benefit from proactively managing their mental health and wellbeing during times of change, or aspire to render the workforce or make a career change.


For more details please contact or call (852) 9474-7581 for a confidential discussion. A tailored commercial proposal will be submitted once there is an understanding about scope, timelines and components for a programme.